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"Angara" of increased carrying capacity is planned to be created in 2025

The Angara-A5V high-capacity launch vehicle, which uses the third hydrogen stage and is capable of launching 37 tons of cargo into low orbit, will be created in 2025, said Dmitry Rogozin, CEO of Roscosmos.
Rogozin said that at the moment "work has already begun on the creation of a hydrogen" Angara ", which we plan to create in 2025". Also "it will be possible to launch 37 tons into low orbit," RIA Novosti reports.
"Angara" is a family of environmentally friendly launch vehicles of various classes, which includes light launch vehicles "Angara-1.2", medium - "Angara-A3", heavy - "Angara-A5" and modernized "Angara-A5M", increased carrying capacity - "Angara-A5V".
The rocket will have three stages. The first one, represented by four side blocks URM-1M (universal rocket module), uses RD-191M engines. They are attached to the URM-1M central block of the second stage - also with the RD-191M engine. The third stage URM-3V unit will use two RD-0150 oxygen-hydrogen engines. DM-UZ and KVTK-UZ will be used as upper stages.
According to the Khrunichev Center, Angara-A5V will be able to launch 37.5 tons of payload into low-earth orbit and 8 tons into geostationary orbit (circular orbit with an altitude of 35.7 thousand kilometers) using the upper stage KBTK-UZ.

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