суббота, 9 января 2021 г.

Rogozin: Pentagon needs Starlink satellites to provide communications for special forces

In addition, they are needed to coordinate the work of drones, added the head of Roscosmos
TASS, August 10. The Starlink satellite constellation, which is being put into Earth's orbit by Ilona Mask's SpaceX, is designed to provide US special forces with constant communication anywhere in the world, said Dmitry Rogozin, CEO of Roscosmos. He told about this in the program "Personal Connections".
"It is the Pentagon that makes for itself a system that will provide its special forces with constant communication at any point in the operations, will ensure the operation of unmanned systems, both ground and air. We know what this is about, because Roskosmos is not only civil space, we are also dealing with combat issues, "- said Rogozin.
The head of Roscosmos added that the launch of such satellites into orbit is "a rather predatory, smart, strong, high-tech policy of the United States, which uses all this enthusiasm to advance, first of all, its military interests." Rogozin also called SpaceX's statement that the Starlink project was created to provide communications for 4% of the Earth's territory not covered by terrestrial Internet as "nonsense".

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